Rollover Rules

What counts and doesn't count towards rollover: 1- Quarter Bets, Future Bets, Prop Bets, Teasers and all Money Lines that are not between +140/-200 do not count towards your rollover 2- Baseball bet are counted at half action. 3- Major leagues are counted towards rollover (NFL,NBA, NHL and MLS) 4- soccer * Premier Leagues (Champions League, England Premiership, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, Spain Liga, USA MLS and World Cup are counted towards rollover 5- Teaser bets are NOT counted towards rollover 6- If a Baseball line is added to a parlay half action rule will apply to lower parlay amount 7- Of the Risk/Win amounts, the lower of the two amounts is used when calculating rollover. For example if you place two wagers: Wager A: $220 to win $200 Wager B: $100 to win $140 The win amount from Wager A would be added to the risk amount from Wager B to give you a total of $300 towards your Rollover requirements. 8- If any combinations of Free Plays and/or cash wagers are placed on both sides of an event the wager amount will not count towards rollover and reserves the right to cancel one or both of the wagers in such a situation. If you have any questions regarding the rollover and bonus requirements do not hesitate to contact customer service at 844-630-0505.